Warum wir auf Contentful setzen - WHY WUNDERTAX USES CONTENTFUL


We are wundetax, the first German company to offer human-friendly online tax declarations for citizens with various financial situations and needs. By offering specific instructions to different types of tax-payers we empower them to fill out their tax declarations quickly and correctly, taking the pain and confusion out of the process. Our vision is to make tax declarations process simple and easy for everyone who has deal with it.

In getting our company off the ground, we faced several pressing challenges. Every day would bring yet another unexpected issue our attention: legal topics, search for a bigger office space, the need to hire more employees, deciding on the right logo and corporate identity, and many more besides that.

Having a presence online was another challenge to tackle, since having a professional website is table stakes in today’s connected world. We have put a lot of thought into choosing the right approach to building our online presence. Among the most pressing concerns we had was ensuring that our entire team could work on the website, not just our in-house developers or outside IT consultants. We went through several pitches before settling on Contentful as our platform of choice.

Contentful is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) that makes building a website easy and helps the wundertax team to create and publish new content independently of the development team, just like a classical CMS does. Given the cutting edge nature of the Contentful CMS, we were delighted that using it in daily life does not require much technical knowledge, basic computer skills are sufficient. We can integrate graphics, pictures and videos into any new page with a simple drag and drop. Headlines and paragraphs can be formatted by selecting predefined styles from a drop-down menu. And once a page is ready it can be published, it can be duplicated or saved with one click, which tends to increase our production speed.

Wundertax publishes content on multiple platforms as well as runs a company blog, which helps us address specific target groups with a focused message. Our niche websites explain the tax situation and the relevant tax declaration process to individual groups. To maintain these individual websites, we need a publishing tool which combines structure with ability to publish to multiple frontends. And this is exactly what Contentful does. It enables us to work in a single application, but publish created content to a range of different websites. It also provides a clear overview of all the sub-sites we maintain, making it easy for everyone in the team to view individual sites, monitor recent changes, and track relevant people in charge of a given piece of content. The Contentful editor automatically saves all the changes and retains meta information about who worked on individual pages and when they were updated. This makes it easy to ensure proper accountability and roll out timely updates to the public. In that respect, we felt that out of all the CMS vendors we looked at, Contentful met our governance needs best.

Ever since we adopted Contenful as the content platform powering our websites, our content managers are free to create and publish content without consulting developers. It has significantly speeded up our turnaround times. Contentful’s editor utilizes a building block approach to creating content, which makes it extremely easy to put together unique pages and reuse existing generic content. Plus, the simple UI means that new employees do not need to be put through an intensive training and instead can become proficient in using the system in a matter of a few hours. In this way, Contentful and Wundertax are quite similar: both companies want to empower people to accomplish everyday tasks with a minimum amount of effort. This approach to building software is winning hearts and minds today and it will continue to do so in the future!